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Editor of the Church of Ireland Gazette

This is a monthly magazine covering the activities of the Church of Ireland across all its dioceses in Ireland (North and South). Although associated with the Church of Ireland the Gazette’s editorial is formally Independent.

Established and first published in 1856, it was until recently published in a weekly newspaper format. Earl Storey oversaw the transformation of the publication into a monthly magazine format.

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Moving Beyond The Pale

Commissioned by the Community Relations Council of Northern Ireland.

‘Beyond the Pale’ asks:

– Is commemorating the events of 1912 to 1922 a moment of opportunity or risk?

– What values should underpin historical reflection of this period?

– What practical actions can the Church take to ensure that historical reflection on this decade is constructive rather than damaging?

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Bridging the Gap

Topstorey edited and managed production of Bridging the Gap.

With a Foreword by Professor Padraig O’Malley it tells the story of the Forum for Cities in Transition – its birth and underlying philosophy. It describes what the 2011 conference sought to do and reflects on the differnce that it has made in the journey to peace both locally and internationally.

In May 2011 a major international conference took place in Derry / Londonderry. The event brought together seventy delegates from cities around the world. Each of these cities shared something in common. They had all experienced violent conflict arising from deep communal divisions. The cities included Beruit, Belfast, Derry / Londonderry, Haifa, Jerusalem, Kaduna, Kirkuk, Mitrovie / Kovska Motrivica, Mitte, Mostar, Nicosia and Ramallah.

The international conference was part of the Forum for Cities in Transition (FCT) process. It was funded by the Department of Foreign Affairs, International Fund for Ireland, Derry City Council, the Community Relations Council and Monitor (US).

Bridging the Gap was launched at The Playhouse, Derry / Londonderry on 18th May 2012 and at Stormont on 12th June 2012.

Allegiances – A Quirky Look at Breaking a Cycle of Division

The Church of Ireland – Apologetic for Mission?

Commissioned by The Mission to End Leprosy

In his Presidential address to the 2016 Church of Ireland General Synod the Archbishop of Armagh suggested that commemorating 150 years since Disestablishment was an opportunity to have “a comprehensive, objective and external review” of ourselves as a Church community. He described it as an invitation to “lovingly but also critically, to tell us where we as a Christian tradition on this island need to strike out in new directions, while also valuing what we have received though succeeding generations”.

The paper reflects on the Church of Ireland commitment to mission – to carry the message out beyond the confines of itself? It asks what the Church of Ireland believes about mission, what affects its ability to deliver on this and what changes might encourage its effectiveness?

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A Quilt For All Seasons

TopStorey wrote and produced A Quilt For All Seasons

With a Foreword by world famous quilter, Kaffe Fassett, A Quilt For All Seasons captures the experiences of ten people to find out why quilting is important to them. There are stories of challenges being risen above, possibilities for the future unlocked and new skills learnt.

The Extra Mile – Volunteering, Church and Community

The Extra Mile – Written by Earl Storey & Robert Miller

So what about churches and community work – volunteering to do practical things to improve the life of a local community or the wellbeing of an individual? It is certainly in fashion these days. The key question is whether it is part of the main thing that churches need to be doing or more of a passing trend.

This resource sets out to do two things. The first is to help you work out the answer to a question. If your church gets involved in the practical needs of your local community are you keeping the main thing the main thing, or being distracted by a passing fashion? If you decide that meeting practical need is part of what you are called to do then the next question is ‘How do we do this?’ This will help you work through some of the practical issues.

Traditional Roots

Traditional Roots: Towards an Appropriate Relationship Between the Church of Ireland and the Orange Order

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Published by Columba Press (2003)

Featured in Northern Ireland section of World Book Day 2003